to the Landsitzen Franken
(Country Homes of Franconia)

The Country Homes of Franconia are country farms, comfortable and very friendly – holiday dwellings with a very personal flair. They are as unique as their hosts.

Their charm is depicted by the features of the property on which you will be spending your holiday. This means, for instance, a unique view of nature, history and the enjoyment in and around a very special area.

We, your hosts, see ourselves as ambassadors for the Franconian Region, with its traditions, its nature and its culture. It is our wish to share with joy and passion the history of our houses and our surroundings with you, our guests.

Allow yourself to be taken on a journey of pleasure, also of the culinary kind, to Franconia. Start your journey on our home page. We are happy to be able to greet you and look after you. You will be delighted!


You will visit the Nature Park Steigerwald, the Franconian Lake District (Fränkisches Seenland) and Romantische Franken (Romantic Franconia) with the Nature Park Frankenhöhe.

The richly diverse cultural landscape lies literally at your feet when hiking and cycling.

Your view from the windows of each country home provides you with unusual panorama landscapes.


Franconia is a paradise for seekers of culture and relaxation, for couples, friends and families.

Legendary towns and villages have attracted travellers from all countries since the Romantic era. “Franconia is like a magic closet, more and more drawers open up and reveal colourful, gleaming gems […]”, were the words of Karl Leberecht Immermann more than 170 years ago.

Discover: Rothenburg o.d.T, Würzburg, Bad Windsheim, Bamberg or Dinkelsbühl


“The proof of an enjoyment is its memory.“ Jean Paul

The Franconian Cuisine keeps its promises. Enjoyment and good food belong together for us. Franconian farmhouse bread, wine, beer, carp – traditionally cooked or newly created by our chefs – are culinary delights. Try for yourself!

Arrive – breathe deeply – explore – enjoy – become friends.